Illusions and Fantasies

I had lived my whole life under delusions
Until today,
When someone broke me free
From the shackles of illusions and fantasies,
It was unintentional, just decided to come clean
But the result was unforeseen
I went numb, the world around me froze for an instance,
Until my brain went all berserk on me
My heart skipped a beat before it fell apart,
Squeezing out all the feelings it was an abode to
My body shivered, my hand trembled,
My body became a temple of pain
What I never thought became true
What I never feared killed me from the core
The only light left in my life went out,
Only to validate my belief that I am meant to be broken and alone
I am afraid of the reality, I am afraid of who I will be
All I want now is to exist under the same delusions again

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